Friday, December 12, 2014

The Salvation Army: Acceptable Reasons for Abortion?

It's Advent and we are anticipating the greatest Birth in history. As were the Wise Men, we are caught up in seeking, giving, and loving. So when we see a scrawny, bell ringing Santa standing next to the door of almost any store, we are moved to drop in a few coins - after all, we are told by Our Lord to love our neighbor, support the poor and widowed, and to share what we have.

Sadly, in today's world, even giving has been compromised. I'm sure you're like me and sometimes wonder how the homeless man I've just given my last $20 is going use the gift. As I continue with my errands, I whisper a quick prayer that he'll use it wisely - maybe feed his children or use it for some other necessity. Then I move on, because I've done what I'm called to do - what he does is on his own conscience.

It's not like that when we donate to organizations or charities, though. They deal in large sums of money, have a structured hierarchy, and are obligated to report their spending. Now we're in a brand new ballgame! We shouldn't simply donate without making sure of what happens to these large bundles of cash, accumulated from a multitude of small offerings.

You might be taken aback, then, by the Salvation Army's stance on important moral issues. Did you know that they support some abortions and contraception, deny the sacraments, and cooperate with Planned Parenthood? That's certainly not a worthy cause for a Catholic's support!

In reading the carefully researched facts in Beware the Red Kettle: The Salvation Army and Abortion you will see that the Salvation Army isn't worthy of Catholic or Christian donation. There are so many more good groups out there - truly doing the Lord's work. One group that is dear to my heart is the Sisters for Life. Their generosity with time, service, and prayer make a true difference without unethical partnerships or positions contrary to Church teaching. Follow the link above to see more morally sound suggestions.

There are so many great organizations available today. No, they're not all standing with their hands out, conveniently at the doors of every retail outlet. But should we really just blindly give out of convenience and not give a care that donations could go toward immoral acts?
All in all, giving money isn't all there is to true and worthy charity. We must care enough to make sure we are cooperating with good, rather than with evil.

God bless and Happy Advent!