Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Don't Kill Babies to Save My Life!

What a relief! The PINK month is almost over. Amid all of the superficiality -  pink football teams, toilet paper, blenders, and every other imaginable product of commerce - lies an undeniable fact. The PINK lulls the masses into misguided, yet enthusiastic support for death. Yes, death. What they don't tell you, these opportunistic marketeers, is that it's all about the money - even if it's blood money. As an eight year survivor (happy Cancerversary to me!) I have earned the right to make these distinctions and comments.

Cancer Awareness Run Amok

  • Breast cancer is certainly not the only cancer affecting a huge population. There are others just as devastating, warranting 'awareness', moral treatments, and a cure. While it's not a competition, why discount childhood cancer, for example, because it hasn't been as artfully marketed?
  • The answer is that these other cancers are at a disadvantage because the powers that be can't make sexist sound bites about them. No, 'save the Ta-tas', 'save the Boobies' and playing games about the color of ones' bras is so much more titillating (see what I did there?).
  • The 'awareness' organizations have lots of overhead, pay huge salaries, and spend enormous amounts of the funds collected as donations on marketing. They don't even play nice with each other, jockeying around for the big bucks. One year Susan G Komen even tried to co-opt the color pink and sued smaller organizations for using the word 'cure' in their slogans!
  • The American Cancer Society and Komen are also supporters of embryonic stem cell research. This research kills tiny human beings - containing the complete package of humanity including an eternal soul - and yet has given us no viable treatments or cures. Unlike ethical adult stem cell research, with many success stories, the attraction for the Frankensteiniam use of embryos comes down to money. You see, adult stem cells can't be patented - they already belong to you. But embryonic cell lines created in a lab present a high dollar wager and promise government grants galore.
  • An even more unholy alliance comes with bedfellows, Komen and abortion giant Planned Parenthood. Although PP does not a single mammogram, they are given large sums of funding from Komen every year. PP where abortion represents 94% of all prenatal 'services'.

Save the Babies, Save the Victims

I'm not here to denigrate the good intentions of others; my intention is to steer those giving hearts into an ethical direction. There are cancer victims galore out here - all sorts of cancers. Why not consider giving directly to a victim, attending fund raisers, sending prayers and cards of encouragement, cooking meals, helping with children, or cleaning houses of those affected? The opportunities are as countless as the victims of this horrific disease. Further, there are moral organizations worthy of your funds and support: The Polycarp Research Institute (TPRI), the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, and the National Breast Cancer Foundation® offer such opportunities.

All in all, people are kind and generous. They innocently fall into the commercial trapping of the PINK crowd. My aim is to steer them and their good will into a direction worthy of their charity. God bless them for their kindness! My daughter and I have been lifted up by many.

Drilling Down for Facts

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