Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Catholic and Pro-Life in Pictures

To be Catholic is to be Pro-Life. The two are inextricably linked. Since God the Father, our Creator bestowed Life upon us, no human can justly take it away.

It's very easy to find the documentation needed to 'prove' the unfailing respect for Life that is held by the Catholic Church. Many Popes have spoken out clearly and firmly on the subject. To proclaim otherwise is to dispute the obvious and therefore willingly oppose consistent Church teaching.

Not even 'exceptions' like life of the mother, justify the killing of a pre-born baby. What the secular world will not emphasize is that there is rarely a situation where abortion solves a mother's health problem. Most of the time, as with the breast cancer diagnosis my daughter faced, keeping the pregnancy (baby) actually increases the chance of the survival of the mother. She underwent chemotherapy at 20 weeks pregnant. As a result, both mother and daughter suffer no ill effects - the cancer has been in remission for over 4 years and counting!


As Catholics, we are tasked with standing up for these littlest of our brethren. God's gift of Life belongs to them as much as it belongs to anyone. So far at least 55 Million babies have been 'legally' killed by abortion. We need to become a part of the solution by fostering a Culture of Life.

This obligation extends from the beginning - fertilization - all the way to natural death. All humans are children of God and only He has the right to call them Home.

In reality, we are each our brothers' keeper!

What we must remember is that EVERY life is a perfect gift from God. 

United with God by our combined
prayers and work, we CAN...

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