Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bluebirds of Happiness - a Photo Essay

As an art major and all around lover of all things creative, I have struggled to find my current niche of creativity. These days I tend to not employ my beloved pencils and paints of the past. My current niche lies somewhere between what I learned while concentrating on the fine arts while earning my BA at Brescia University and my 'artsy craftsy' side(my professors would shudder). Photography and a love of God's creation seems to fill the bill quite well for me and luckily I was blessed to receive a Nikon D5100 camera (with a lovely array of basic accessories) as a Christmas gift from my family. Here is a way for me to showcase and share what I see in our garden - another creative passion.

Recently the Bluebirds arrived and, as they do every year, they checked out the accommodations we have created for them - just on the other side of our water garden/koi pond. I was fortunate (and patient) enough to capture an initial visit from them. Below you will see a progression of photos that I took during my 45 minute quest for that perfect photo. At the end of the photos, I have also shared a meme I created from my favorite - another current creative outlet. Go check out the many memes I have created on the Designs by Birgit fan page on Facebook.

As I was sitting there, the scripture verse about the birds of the air kept popping into my mind. I was also afforded an opportunity to meditate and give a prayer of thanksgiving for God's beautiful creation. We are truly blessed and should remind ourselves to truly see all that this world has to offer!

Mr. Bluebird flies in for a landing.

After an initial look he directs Mama in.
Mama flies in to check it out.

Talking it over.
We're home!

I took an information poll on the Designs by Birgit Facebook album and a favorite rose to the top. As is my pleasure, I then turned the photo into a meme to express what I had witnessed. God is so good to us!