Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What Happened to the Photo Challenge?

OK, I'm going to start this brief little post with an admission - I HATE Instagram! There! I said it! Now before you tell me how behind the times I am, let me assure you that I love many things technical: electronic gadgets, Roku, iPhone, Facebook, blogging, and so on. What I don't like is having to use a handheld device to follow something or someone. The same feelings are relevant concerning Twitter - HATE it! I just don't like the burden of the #hash tags and endless clicking and following links to see what all the hubbub is about. The need to center in on one location to look for photos (Instagram) and another for news, updates, and a few photos (Twitter) just doesn't inspire me.

If you know me at all, you know that I am a Facebook addict, however. There's nothing about it I don't like (except their liberal bias and censorship). It has it all: I can organize my 'likes' and friends into groups and see pro-life news, for example, all in one handy dandy spot and for a myriad of sources. It's also terrific to be able to use aforementioned iPhone to navigate both my wall and my Designs by Birgit fan page when I'm on the go. My favorite interaction, though, comes from using my laptop or PC to access my account. There, I have photos, a large screen, and the comfort of not having to wear my 'cheaters' just to see. Yes, I'm 50 something and blessed with declining eyesight.

 I also love photography. I love the creative aspect, the sharing aspect, and the million words aspect. The larger I can see a photo, the happier I am. If my photos are to make the impact for which I create them, a computer monitor is much more flattering for my vision of what I'm trying to convey. And I'm not tied to teeny tiny little letters on a touch screen to share a caption.

This leads me to the confession that, after two days of participation, I am abandoning the Lenten Photo Challenge of which I wrote previously. I don't feel badly about this because I have many spiritual pursuits to which I will adhere. I'll leave you then, with a few of my Instagram efforts. Now back to that iPhone for quick snapshots and the Nikon D5100 I received for Christmas! Say cheeeeeeze!