Monday, September 23, 2013

Approved for Diocesan Use - Pro-Life Display for Your Church

In a previous post I shared my quest to gain approval, for the 40 Days for Life display, from my diocese. Last night I presented the idea and won approval! It's been used in a diocese in Iowa for two years now. Below are just a few thoughts to help you get this life-saving display into your church, school or organization.

Now it's up to YOU to get this into as many churches, schools and organizations as possible! On your mark, get set, gooooo - Pro-LIFE!

Sample email to Send:

Dear Pro-Life Advocate,
Thank you for your commitment to Life! Attached you will find complete instructions on how to create a 40 Days for Life display for your church, school or organization. With these easy to follow instructions and about $30, you will able to become an active Pro-Life advocate - helping to save the lives of the unborn and encouraging others to do the same. 
Follow this link for the ProLIFE posters and suggested layout.

You can also read a detailed account of how to build this display by going to the Designs by Birgit blog.
In His name for Life, Birgit J

PS. This is how your completed display will look...

It's so simple to share a pro-life message!

Sample Bulletin Insert: 

**Are you being called to act on behalf of the unborn, but don't know exactly how?**Our parish has provided a way to do something simple, yet powerful during 40 Days for LIFE. Please take the time to check out the Pro-Life display at the rear of the church. In addition to the Pro-life posters, you will find a Pro-Life Fact Sheet as well as a Prayer Commitment form to fill out. Check out how easy it can be to do something tangible for the Unborn. Please also encourage others to participate, as a way to do your part. Thank you, on behalf of our littlest brothers and sisters!

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